Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So far on my project I am going to be presenting logical fallacies and how they are related to my life and every other teenagers life and I will be presenting this In a prezi

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I feel like this story was post modern / cyberpunk is because if the technology that is consisted in the story on how it is implanted in the mans head and how they need the pass word and it is post modern due to the time and change on how it's in the future and how conversations just randomly change fast and dramatically almost like you wouldn't expect it to happen.


The first article was a man talking about the race that had taken place and explaining everything into great detail on what had happened and how it had happens it it was actually quite cool to see how the outcome of a horse rave was and the other one about the first woman rider was inspirational and It showed how women can do many other things that even men can do.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Billy knows he is going to get captured by the aliens. Someone calls billy that's drunk. Billy compares himself to Adam and Eve. The flying saucer gets billy and they ask him if he has any questions. He asked them why me and they respond there is no why they are all just trapped in the moment. He is then on a box carbon Germany. He sleeps standing up. The Tralfamarorians say that only on earth is there talk of free will. While he is at the zoo he reads a book. Billy emitted himself to the mental ward his las year of optometry. Billy falls asleep in 1968 back at work to his letter of the paper. He is then mated with another woman and the wales up soon after.


Weary gives his boots to the other guy for a trade. Billy falls asleep and wake up in 1967 I'm the middle of giving an eye examination. Billy then closed his eyes and was once again a prisoner. Billy goes back to 1967 he is driving on his way to lions club after the lunch he falls to sleep and starts crying. Billy travels to the night where he is captured by the Tralfamarorians.